A Fictional Ship

'Waakzaamheid is a Dutch 74-gun ship which Jack Aubrey encounters in Desolation Island. In 1811 the Kingdom of Holland has been incorporated in the French empire. As such the Waakzaamheid is a threat to the Leopard. The Waakzaamheid is clearly a superior force given its full compliment of crew and greater number and weight of guns. Aubrey intends to avoid an encounter: "Ignominious flight is the order of the day". Waakzaamheid literally means wake-full-ness, the condition or state of alertness and ready for action. While this Dutch 74 is a fictional ship, there was a Waakzaamheid 24-guns at the Battle of Camperdown (Kamperduin) in 1797. It was captured in 1798 off Texel by HMS Sirius and taken into the Royal Navy, retaining its Dutch name.'