Access ID

'Method for Accessing a Payment System: Invention patented by Uwe Klatt, Manfred Lilge and Thomas Ryll on December 4, 2003. Abstract: The invention relates to a method for accessing a payment system (ZS) of a telecommunication network (TKN). The telecommunication network has an access node (ZK) enabling access by external service providers and a provider memory (ADS) wherein access periods allocated to the service providers are stored. A service computer (DR) of a service provider outside said network is used to access the access node (ZK). The identity of the service provider is established by the access node. Once the identity has been successfully established, an access ID (ZKZ) is issued and transmitted to the service computer (4, 5), whereupon the service computer is allowed to access (6) the payment system by means of said access ID (ZKZ) bypassing the access node. A time measurement operation begins at the very latest when the service computer (DR) accesses the payment system (ZS) and the thus measured time period is compared with the duration of access of the service provider. Once the duration of the measured time period reaches the same duration as that of the access period, the access ID (ZKZ) is declared as being invalid.'