'Yeah, so while I'm on this run, the Fckn'Bstrds have a lot to answer for too. In a previous review of their two CD's, "Baggernoise Voor Borderliners" & "Total Security 2003" I described this projects' dire attempts at hilarity as "...ultra-sad infantile cunts...", "...some retarded dolt blabbering off the same diarroeic bilge..." and, simply, the old cliché "words fail me". Four Job Centre Plus training scheme avoiding months latus & I'm sat here at my desky holding a DVD+R of this Fckn'Bstrds lot which the flyer states is "One & a half hours of chaos, noise, animations, crazy outfits & madness". Hmmm... I only have to venture into the centre of London to "experience" 4 out of 5 of THOSE particular descriptions... the 5th, that is "crazy outfits", having been outlawed by the born-middle-aged imbecilic FUCKS of a millennium generation YEARS ago... unless it's the cunting "footie" you're a'going to, SILICON TIT HEAD!!!'